Gardendale Christian Academy

Welcome to our school
Welcome to Gardendale Christian Academy!  We hope that you will take time to look around our website. 

We strive to provide quality education in a safe, caring, loving, and spiritual environment.  Our Christian staff and faculty will not only teach your child and help him/her to excel academically, but we will also pray with him/her and teach the principles found in the Bible.

Our school mascot is the knight. The knight was chosen to represent the qualities of a developing Christian faith.

The knight was dedicated to a certain cause and was faithful in his duties.  He attained knighthood by diligent training, passing certain tests of courage and ability, and pledging allegiance to the king.

We strive to encourage the development of the following Christian principles in the lives of our children:

  • To be honest and hardworking in the areas of academics
  • To be a friend and help those in need.
  • To prepare children to live a Christian life in the real world.
  • To give allegiance to the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.