Gardendale Christian Academy

Since one of the basic purposes of G.C.A. is Christian leadership education, it is only right that Christian training has an important place in the life of the school.

  • Chapel- Weekly chapel sessions are held with an administrator/principal/children’s pastor supervising each service.  Attendance is required.  The purpose is to teach behavior in worship and assembly, as well as some practical truths from the Bible and Christian songs.  Special assemblies are held as guest speakers are available.
  • Daily Devotions and Prayer- Daily devotions are held in each classroom.
  • Bible Class- A vital part of the curriculum is Bible memorization and familiarization with Bible stories.
  • Programs- Christmas and End-of-Year plays are planned to acquaint the children with stories and events from the Bible through song and drama.

Curriculum will be geared to promoting skills of reading, math, writing, and communication.  Academic excellence is the goal. 

The grading system of our school is designed to give parents a true indication of the student’s progress or lack thereof.  Report cards are issued every nine weeks. Parent/Teacher conferences help the parents understand their child’s progress in school.
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